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Welcome to Sunsafe Golf Apparel

I am passionate about sport and I spent many years of playing sport in the sun from a young age. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with skin cancer a few years ago, forcing me to realise how careful you need to be with your skin in the sun. My doctor recommended that I wear long sleeved shirts at all times when out on the course.

Afterwards, after looking around both on and offline, I realised that golf shirts with the appropriate level of UV protection were not readily available. Since then I have become determined to make sure that shirts with the appropriate level of protection are available for those golfers that are determined to protect their skin when out on the course.

Tried and tested in the hottest conditions by both myself and several of our young professional golfers, the lightweight shirts provide very little resistance through the golf swing.

You'll love the moisture wicking qualities of the specially selected fabric, keeping you cool in the hot summer sun. Once you've tried them you'll never look back!
For those golfers who are concerned with the harmful effects of the suns rays and care for their skin our light weight UPF 35 rated shirts are the perfect answer.

Brad Francis - Founder

Tips for playing in the sun.
1. Use a sunscreen or lotion (50+) on all exposed parts of the body.
2. Select a wide brimmed hat with at least a 10 cm brim.
3. Select a long sleeved shirt with a UPF rating of 35+ 
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