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Greg Norman’s Golf Health Regime


I thought I'd put up a post about my thoughts with regard to fitness, as I'm sure that while some of us may not make the most effort on this aspect of our golfing lives, fitness is integral in the performance of any athlete, from pro all the way down to amateur level. 

There's no question that the greats pay attention to their fitness, one of my personal favourites, Greg Norman spoke about his personal regime in the Get Fit edition of Australian Golf Digest August 2017.  

Golf Health Regime: Background 

Greg Norman ruled golf for 331 weeks and is a two-time British Open winner. He now spends many hours on his business interests but still plays regularly. Many of the readers of Golf Digest may be around the age of Greg (no comment on myself) but Greg reckons it's never too late to work on strength with flexibility being one of the most important elements of the golf swing.  

Golf Health RegimeWorkout Steps 

Try the workout that he uses at least 5 times a week! Or at least a couple... 

It consists of: 

  1. Bicep concentration curl. 
  2. Cable bicep curls.
  3. Triceps extension.  
  4. Cable triceps extension.  
  5. Shoulder dumbbell raises.  
  6. Shoulder dumbbell curls and medicine ball throw. (3sets/12 reps all).  


Good luck. Follow this regime 5 times a week and you're guaranteed to see some improvement in your strength and muscle stamina. Now for the rest of your game...


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