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Masters 2018: The best player in the field from every country competing at Augusta National

The international aspect of the Masters is something that has been overlooked by many, but this year there is an especially cosmopolitan field of entrants. That international focus was a large part of what founders Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts were aiming for. There has been at least one international player in the field in all years of the tournament bar 1946. 

Twenty three countries are represented in the tournament this year, but who is most likely to be successful from each country?

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Masters 2018: Rory's 'Grand' plan

Will Rory's past come back to haunt him? The spectre of 2011 still looms over his Masters history and threatens to intervene at any moment. 

On 2011, Rory states: 

“I was 21, and I’d never been in that position in a major, certainly not at the Masters. The thing about a major—any major—is you have to prepare for it, all of it, as if it’s just another golf tournament, but understand that it’s not.

“Everything is different. The atmosphere is different. The preparation has to be different because if you just show up on Monday thinking you’re going to practice 18 holes a day you’re going to be exhausted on the first tee Thursday, because the practice rounds take six hours. You have to think ahead to get ready and then, if you have a chance to win, you’ve got to find a way to keep your mind on staying in the present. You can’t just say, stay in the present. You have to talk to yourself, have a conversation about your next shot, the next hole, the weather—anything but what might happen a couple of hours from that moment.”

He bounced back to win the US Open shortly after, showing his maturity and tenacity at a young age. However, the Masters continues to elude him. 

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