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The Presidents Cup

The History of the Presidents Cup:

Hey sports fans, as the Presidents cup is on at the moment, I thought that an article that provided a quick recap of the history of the tournament was in order.

The Presidents Cup started in 1994, at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Prince William County, Virginia, USA. In the Presidents cup, the rest of the world (ex Europe who compete against the US in the Ryder Cup) compete against the USA for the prize.

Presidents Cup: Team Results

The Presidents Cup is traditionally not a happy hunting ground for the international team with the 1998 Tournament (won by the international team)  and the 2003 tournament (which ended in a draw) being the only exceptions to US domination. The largest margin of victory for the tournament so far is 11 points, set when the US defeated the international team in 2000. The smallest margin of victory was also set by the United States. The US defeated the international side by only 1 point on two occasions, in both 1996 and 2015.

Presidents Cup: Individual Results

In terms of the most matches won, Tiger Woods has the record with 24 victories. Phil Mickelson holds the record of most matches played with 51, having played every tournament from 1994 to 2015.

Presidents Cup: Now

The US is already looking good after the first day, with most commentators seemingly assured that the US will romp home, it looks like it will take a big effort from the international side to knock the Americans off their perch. Im sure we all hope the internationals are able to make it competitive and that the tournament ends up being an exciting one in the vein of 1996 and 2015.

From all the staff at Sunsafe Golf Apparel - Enjoy the Presidents Cup!

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